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My first space launch, thanks to #NASASocial 🚀👏🏻

I was incredibly lucky to represent Creative Commons and attend the December 05, 2019 SpaceX #CRS19 launch (featuring the #Dragon and #Falcon9) at the #NASA Kennedy Space Center!

My 10 Cents: How to avoid political fatigue in the age of over politicization

From finding a hobby to talking about babies; there's at least one thing on this list you can do.

The Day Has Come: Saudi women can drive

It happened.

Shared: These majestic train routes will change the way you travel.

The effects of the railway became known as the “annihilation of time and space,” because not only did it allow people to travel quicker and access places unimaginable before (it is also the reason we have standardized time), but it profoundly changed people’s relationships with nature.

Video: How government surveillance leads to self-censorship and The Chilling Effect

Penny’s findings leave readers with several questions. The most significant being, what does this mean for a democratic society?

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