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Give your mom the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. Sincere appreciation.

Dear Mothers, Thank you. Because it's not said enough.


This Third-Culture-Kid’s conscious uncoupling with religion

In the expat and Third-Culture-Kid community, we often talk of "reverse-culture shock" but what about "reverse-religious shock"? Who else has consciously uncoupled with the religion of their parents?

How to deal with a long distance family

As my dad twirled me around the vinyl dance floor, my eyes teared up with the realization that this moment may never happen again.


Daughter to Father: A Third Culture Kid’s take on life in Saudi Arabia

My father fits into three “rare” categories. He’s a U.S. military veteran, an expatriate, and a single-father. That last category is perhaps the rarest - particularly since he was one of the only single-father expats allowed to live in Saudi Arabia.


Ten Documentaries on Netflix That’ll Get You Through the Holidays

History, Gorillas, Revolution, Weed, Politics, Artists and Cyberwar - it's all here.


At first, I thought I was in shock. But, as the reality of Trump’s election set in, I realized I was emotionless. This election had finally proven to me what I had suspected for some time – that I didn’t... Continue Reading →


Even Weddings Can’t Escape the Mannequin Challenge

This is what it looks like when you convince a whole wedding party to be trendy.


My Own Choice: From Rotterdam to Sydney

Dare to dream.


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