I love documentaries. I probably watch at least 3 per week. Is that weird?

I’m not a documentary snob however, and appreciate the fact that certain ones go mainstream for a reason. Here are a few that I promise you’ll love and can even watch with the fam-jam this holiday season.

The Ascent of Woman: the future depends on women


“Whether you look to the past or the present, the inclusion of women in public space – from the economy to culture – is a vital component of a prosperous and peaceful society.”

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: every legacy has a beginning


“Growing up it was always how do I impress my father?” “He’s a machine, man.”

Winter on Fire: we are not afraid to die for freedom


“When students started to mass together, it became clear that something was going to happen.”

Amy: utterly authentic


“The more people see of me, the more they’ll realize that all I’m good for is making music.”

The Square: a nation erupts


“Let me tell you how the story began. It began with a group of young brave Egyptians battling injustice, corruption, poverty…”

Valley Uprising: so huge, you’d be on it forever 


“We had a purpose. Only through climbing can you find yourself. Bullshit like that.”

“Why do you climb mountains – because we’re insane!”

Virunga: this isn’t a war yet but it could be soon


“Oil companies have a reputation for controversial ventures, all of their efforts are focused on the national park.”

Zero Days: there’s a reason to be paranoid 


“Two answers before you even get started: 1) I don’t know, and 2) if I did we wouldn’t talk about it anyway.”

Queen Mimi: 88 years young


“I met Mimi in Santa Monica just hanging out in the Laundromat – you know where you meet all of your friends.”

Planet Earth: it’s even bigger


“Like you’ve never seen before.”


Race for the White House: “We’ve been here before.”

Inside Job: “They were having massive private gains, at public loss.”

And finally, anything by British gem Lucy Worsley. She’s me in another life.

Happy watching!