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My first space launch, thanks to #NASASocial ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

I was incredibly lucky to represent Creative Commons and attend the December 05, 2019 SpaceX #CRS19 launch (featuring the #Dragon and #Falcon9) at the #NASA Kennedy Space Center!

Guest Post: What to do on your dream trip to Peru

Ella always wanted to visit Peru. So, she made it happen, and it was magical.

How to avoid having a mental breakdown in the airport

If that mom in front of you with a screaming baby isn't freaking out, you shouldn't either. And also, don't beย thatย guy. You know, the Giants' fan.ย 

I went to the Toronto Taste of Little Italy Festival – and it was bellissimo!

Canada. The land of maple syrup, beaver tails, crazy geese, hockey, Tim Hortons, Justin Trudeau andโ€ฆItalians? Oh yes. Italian immigrants settled into this area of Toronto โ€“ now known as Little Italy โ€“ beginning in the early 20th century. Known... Continue Reading →

Shared: These majestic train routes will change the way you travel.

The effects of the railway became known as the โ€œannihilation of time and space,โ€ because not only did it allow people to travel quicker and access places unimaginable before (it is also the reason we have standardized time), but it profoundly changed peopleโ€™s relationships with nature.

Shared: Now you can visit the majestic Canadian island where more than 500 wild horses roam freely

On a recent trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia I learned about Sable Island, the place where dreams really do come true. At least the dreams of a horse-loving maniac like myself.

Shared: Why do expats live in bubbles?

"The reality, like the nature of the expat world itself, is complicated and changing..."

Guest Post: Canada Dreamin’ – How to study in Canada

With the rising cost of education, some people have been tempted to avoid going to college altogether. But the truth is that the benefits of a college education outweigh the costs.

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