I tend to drag my boyfriend to many events, places, and general “outings” that he’s not always eager to attend.

But he goes, because he loves me and (I think) genuinely likes watching me excitedly frolic around new places.

Recently, after I suggested a Saturday trip to the local pumpkin patch, he decided to come up with his own “getaway” plan however. Somehow that small independent idea, turned into a whirlwind bet where we ‘pitched’ different trips to each other. Which would then undergo¬†an independent cost-benefit analysis, and finally result in only one winner (and a sad, bitter loser).

I’ve been on an Adobe-After-Effects-kick lately, so I wisely wasted about 2 hours last night – focusing all of my creative talents – to make the video below.

UPDATE: Let the records show that I won, but we didn’t go because Canada decided to be well, Canada, and drop about 20 degrees over night. (I still won though.)