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O’ Canada, I Love Your Wineries

Because you taught me that being content is better than just being happy.

38 Signs You Grew Up in Saudi Arabia

Every shawerma you eat for the rest of your life will be compared to the first impeccable shawerma you had in Saudi.

I Made a Video to Convince My Boyfriend To Take Me to Scarborough Bluffs

Jury is still out.

Four Ways To Be a Traveller, Not Just a Tourist

While in Italy one summer, my dad caused my entire family to be kicked out of a gelato shop. Because he couldn't help but act like a tourist.

Advice on Moving from Canada to Miami & Living the Expat Life

The city of vice is an inspiration, and so is this blog. Read how two Canadian girls took their life to Miami and followed their foodie passions.

Re-imagining New Orleans Through its Architecture

It is a city of resilience; a city that through its architecture evokes a feeling of nostalgia for past moments you never experienced. It transports you to whatever version of history comforts your soul, and feeds your imagination.

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