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Shared: Dealing with the death of a loved one (as an expat)

Death is never an easy thing, for anyone really. Whether you were beside your loved one’s side every minute of the way, or a thousand miles away, the pain hits you just as hard no matter where you are geographically.

Advice on Moving from Canada to Miami & Living the Expat Life

The city of vice is an inspiration, and so is this blog. Read how two Canadian girls took their life to Miami and followed their foodie passions.

The Un-Americanized American

Reverse culture-shock is a thing.

Daughter to Father

She is a part of a generation that he will struggle to understand.

The Abaya & Feminism in Saudi Arabia

It's complicated.

The One with the Blonde Saudi: Leah

I wish that we could accept and love each other’s differences.

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