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38 Signs You Grew Up in Saudi Arabia

Every shawerma you eat for the rest of your life will be compared to the first impeccable shawerma you had in Saudi.

I Made a Video to Convince My Boyfriend To Take Me to Scarborough Bluffs

Jury is still out.

Re-imagining New Orleans Through its Architecture

It is a city of resilience; a city that through its architecture evokes a feeling of nostalgia for past moments you never experienced. It transports you to whatever version of history comforts your soul, and feeds your imagination.

It’s Time You Went To Qatar

Trust The Happy Travellers.

Traveling Alone to the Canadian National Exhibition

Go solo when you can.

A Look at Art, Fun, and Nature During Open Streets Toronto

It’s Time You Went to Washington D.C.

On a budget.

It’s Time You Went to the Olympics.

Attending Tokyo 2020 is doable.

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